SWE is an ambitious project that aims to establish techniques to deliver personalized storefronts by analyzing customers' profiles using intelligent algorithms.

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PT - Descrição do Projeto

O projecto "SWE - Software With Emotion" teve como objectivo desenvolver algoritmos e soluções que permitissem, com recurso à análise de perfis sociais dos clientes e a inteligência artificial, implementar frentes-de-loja optimizadas e personalizadas.

Sistema de Incentivos

Este projecto candidatou-se e obteve aprovação para obtenção de incentivo através do Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico, de acordo com os termos descritos no Aviso de Abertura 07/SI/2012. Tratou-se de uma candidatura apoiada pelo FEDER e apresentada ao Programa Operacional Regional do Centro, identificada com o nº 38610.

Investimento e Apoios

Investimento previsto: 388.114,47 €

Incentivo atribuído: 235.881,93 €


O período de investimento do projecto decorre entre 2013-09-01 e 2015-06-30.

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EN - Our Communication

One of our goals with the project was to guarantee a stream of communication through social media channels, in order to keep our target audience informed about what we did. Also, 2 videos were created in order to support the project, a demonstration and a technical video, which helped diffusing our message faster.

SWE Videos

Technical Video (Coming Soon)

Core Fields

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Social profiling

Social profiles are the next frontier in marketing. Software with Emotion is building new vectors of information and uncovering the best processes for profile analysis.

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Dynamic pricing

Pricing is regarded as both art and science. We aim at making it as painless as possible by determining the appropriate price-point for each individual customer, automatically.

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Product development

Software with Emotion is a team of experienced developers, focused on delivering quality products.

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Retail sector

Retailers want customer satisfaction at the best margin: a fair deal. We believe that dynamic pricing and social profiling can solve this equation.

Work Performed

The four images below synthesise the project in four different work areas.

  • Dynamic Pricing Web application

    Widget and Backoffice

  • Social activity

    Youtube, Facebook and Google +

  • Events

    CeBit, RBTE and EShow Barcelona 2015

  • Avalability

    Magento Support